Valencia is one of the largest cities that you can find in Spain. In the city, you can find so many beautiful homes. Some of the homes have old design, while the other ones are totally new in design. Casa Sardinera designed by Ramon Esteve Estudio is one of the most beautiful modern homes in Valencia. I consider it as a brand new home because the building process is just finished in 2014.

Some people may think that Casa Sardinera consist of three buildings. However, the three buildings actually integrate into one single unit of home. The two-story home overlooks a vast and wonderful blue sea. It also has great infinity pool. The pool has very amazing design, so that it looks like integrating with the sea. Comfortable modern white sofas are set neatly near the pool’s edge. They offer cozy seating for enjoying outdoor view.

No one will doubt the modernity of Casa Sardinera. However, the modern home interestingly also has bold natural atmosphere. Natural materials, especially wood, are employed for the home exterior and interior. Having a look at the living room, you can find lovely wooden ceiling. White V-shaped sofa decorates the room nicely while providing great comfort. A unique rug lies on white floor in front of the sofas. Two square coffee tables are set on it. Glass sliding doors with delicate white ceiling-to-floor curtains create more beautiful look in the living room.

Small stair with impressive glass steps leads you to the second floor of the modern home. On the second floor, you can find wonderful bedrooms and bathroom. One bedroom amazingly has transparent glass wall. While lying on a comfortable white bed, the bedroom occupant has the opportunity to enjoy the view of blue sea offered by the glass wall. Do you have an affinity with this beautiful modern home?

A Brand New Home in Valencia Pampering the Owners with Natural Beauty

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