Office design would be so interesting if you can create a comfortable space on it. It is not only the working space, but also some other stuff that could make the office becomes a cozy place to work. Take a look at this office 31 which spotted in Florianopolis, Brazil. Here, you can see a wonderful working space with a lot of amusement for you.

Here, you can see an office lounge with the red scheme carpet which energizing yet comfortable too. The grey sofa and sofa chair on it seem to be a good choice to make the design so awesome. You can also see a rectangular coffee table that would make the lounge becomes cozier. You can also see a big face painting which will be a good choice for sure.

On the wall behind the sofa, you can see a lot of decorations that stick on it. It will make the design more splendid and also endearing. You can get a very special thing inside this office lounge for sure. There is also huge stand lamp that will beautify and illuminate the lounge as well.

The wooden desk in the center of the room will be a good stuff that you can get to work on. It would be a good place for you if you want to have teamwork as well. There is also some hanging lamps and track lightnings that will illuminate the working space for more. Behind it, you can also see a wooden storage unit that will make the design even more awesome.

This kind of office lounge design will be a very good stuff that you can get for sure. It must be the best working space that you can get for sure. Thus, you can enjoy doing your work and also get some amusement from the decoration ideas too.

Amusing Office Lounge Design for an Energetic Professional

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