Completing a cool project must be a pride for Elding Oscarson. Taking a place in Molle, Sweden, it is gorgeous to see the result of Molle By The Sea Residence. Built in sloping ground, it seems like the architect did not find any serious problem. Shaded by plenty of big trees surrounding, it is very calm and relaxing to escape from the bustle of the city for a while. To not waste the stunning environment, making indoor-outdoor home design becomes the wisest idea.

Boxy half-wooden glassy house is the first impression in glance. The architect gorgeously separates the function of the house. Half lower it is the center of socializing space where it is covered with glassy enclosure with no border. Meanwhile, to rush in your private need, the half upper design must be the great space screened with wooden wall. However, eco-friendly seems to be the first theme you should realize due to the massive use of transparent material to transfer the natural light inside. Further, hanging out with family and friends is awesomely great in the open living room. With several vibrant color to the space, they fill the nuance with contrast hue to the surrounding.

Bringing the outdoor indoor is unstoppable in the adjoining kitchen dining room. Fully open with glassy enclosure, there is no space to hide but the cabinetry. It seems to be a paradise to live in such holly neighborhood. In addition, breathing the outdoor summer breeze is somehow fun and calming with a reclining sofa sweeping to the whole landscape facing. One stunning focal point in the house is the spiral staircase leading to the top floor. Bringing the natural inside is best achieved with the use of modest wooden coffee table in very light design. Undeniable, catching he stars at night is going to be easier.

Breaking in Appeal of Molle By The Sea by Elding Oscarson in Sweden

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