It is a luxurious house to steal the advantage of alluring nuance of coastal face. Nestled in Byron Beach, Australia, everyday is subtropical climate to enjoy, so opening the design with plenty of pathways to let the wind coming trough is gorgeously awesome. Spacious window to cover the all over greenery outside makes you believe that it is the real coastal dwelling you’ve ever dreamed about. Living with the spirit of environment sustainable, almost all of the material is taken from local source. Do you want to pick some ideas? Finish the show!

From the very beginning before stepping your feet crossing the door, you are really welcomed by several natural designs. It is true that it is established in seashore area, so the use of sandstone wall is about to be maximized. Wooden screen to cover the large window proves that local material astonishingly turns into such wondrous outlook. Finishing your step on the cultural garden path leading to the house, a hardwood door seems to shake you with its brownish tone. In addition, the pool outside seems to complete the entire luxury with its posh design along with some lounge chairs to serve your crazy sunbathing moment.

Limiting the outdoor with glassy enclosure is such brilliance stupid thing to make borderless effect. Meanwhile, an open living space with giant fireplace would be the best place to hang out. It seems that the wind is quite pamper-able to breeze the room with no air conditioner but the ceiling fan. Small kitchen with dining room also gets privilege treat with narrow window to transfer the natural light inside. Eating while enjoying the blue pool water is somehow fun to elevate your appetite, thanks to the glassy sliding door, it gives so much fun anyway. Touching with art in every single corner of the design makes it to be unbelievable trait.

Coastal House of Byron Beach by David Architect in Australia

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