T-1 is a modern residential home that is so endearing and wonderful. This luxurious modern home also provides you with a splendid city view. The glamorous nuance within the modern aesthetic around it will be a very good stuff that would make this home design even more awesome. Located in Los Angeles, California, this house must be the favorite for sure.

The wonderful patio design with an outdoor swimming pool on it would be a good thing that you need for sure. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Los Angeles from this resident. With some lounge chairs on it, you can enjoy the nuance on it. The seamless border between outdoor and indoor design will give you an astounding atmosphere.

For the indoor design, you can see a luxurious modern design on it. The wide space with a big furniture on it seems to be an interesting choice for it. You can also see glass frames that surrounding the building. It will give a transparency and endearing stuff for it. The open plan in the second floor looks so awesome with this glass wall.

You can also find a kitchen bar that will be a good place for you to hang out with your relatives and friends. Sleek surface of the countertop would be a very good design for sure. Moreover, you can also notice the angular design of the furniture that will make the Kitchen design even more amazing.

As you can see this T-1 house design totally compromise you with an amusing indoor and outdoor design. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery either from outdoor or indoor, due to the seamless border. The modern home design with a splendid looking fa├žade will be a good choice for sure. This, house has all you need for an amusement so that you can feel as cozy as the inhabitant of this resident can.

Exquisite Modern Residential Home with Beautiful City View

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