It is a private residence which cost $ 7.99 million. Amazing! Nestled in New York City, USA, it is a spacious dwelling to offer you minimal room arrangement. Only two bedroom and two bathroom filling that extensive house sparkling with luminous interior. In addition, this building actually belongs to legacy of the city. To meet this modern era, it got revamped and touched with twentieth century outlook nestled in history. Dressed with floor to ceiling arch window, it catches more sunlight during the day to glow the historical building naturally.

A quite large fireplace is about to flame the great dramatic room with its warm reddish light. Enjoying dinner somehow is interesting in the kitchen which is designed apart from the dining space. Meanwhile, opening the very first entrance of the home, elegant gothic door steals your attention. Taking meal and gathering with family is best in the large room with black white palette to drop the wall. Making all space together in one roof is kind of brilliance to shape limitless ambience with plenty of possible activities.

Fooling around in the kitchen bar is cool anyway. Inviting friends to have some coffee together is also great. Modern kitchen in classy building is rare, so it is sinless to show this unique dwelling off your friends. Very high ceiling design makes the room fresh and favorable, to glam the room; you may need a modern bulb chandelier loping above the dining table. Finish your breakfast while seeing the dew dropping from the skyscraper would be your daily additional meal. Robbing natural light in the bedroom is not difficult since it is designed open with very large arch window faced by the bed. Massive use of marble in the bathroom makes it bit invisible must to find the appliance. Relaxing and calming nuance maybe the main theme in this design, so the office is leisurely added with reclining sofa for you to lie on.

Mixing Posh Style into Chronicle, House of NYC

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