As far as I know, SBCH Architects have always undertaken great projects. Long Beach CA Modern is just one of their wonderful projects. It’s a home located in Long Beach – California. Although the home has bold modern design, it also offers warm look. You can already see the warmth from the home exterior. The warmth is delivered by the brown exterior walls.

The modern home even has wooden front doors that greet everyone warmly. Other interesting thing you can find from the home exterior is a garage with wooden door and walls. It’s really wonderful! Moving to the interior, there is a domination of white and beige colors. However, you can also find brown here and there. An indoor pool becomes the most appealing area of the home interior. Lovely white chairs and coffee table are placed on the pool’s edge.

Next to the pool, there is a kitchen with beige walls and dark wooden floor. Glass sliding doors with black frame serve as divider that separates the pool area with the kitchen. Four modern stools are placed against the white kitchen island to provide awesome seating for enjoying breakfast. Meanwhile, an artistic painting hangs on one wall. The kitchen nicely integrates with a dining room. Black table and white chairs decorate the dining room while creating classy colors combination. Unique pictures of man’s silhouette hang on wall near the dining table set.

A wall mount fireplace brings great warmth and comfort into the living room. In front of the fireplace, there are elegant light gray ottoman and sofa. Black Barcelona chairs serve to enhance the elegant impression of the room. Since the modern home is located near a beach, a few rooms are made to have glass walls. Thus, they can offer the home owners with beautiful view of the beach. My two thumbs up for SBCH Architects who have created cozy such home!

Modern Long Beach Home Offering Great Warmth and Coziness

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