America has Kiawah Island in which it becomes a name of the house. Exactly, it spotted in Charleston Beach, South Carolina. SBCH Architects introduces themselves as the responsible company. They complete it with amazing result.  Well a modern palace stands with three great gable end roofs. It revamps the nature becomes more intriguing. Noticeable white stucco driveway as though borders the house with the greeneries. When we see it from the near distance, it looks dashing. The theme is black and white.

Enjoy the outdoor offering before enters that house. Stand in front of the house exactly under big trees. What do you feel there? Of course, it feels breeze and calming. Further, admire the building afore. Here, that house shows another side. It has double exterior staircases in which two of them are smaller. Meanwhile, the biggest still adds natural ornament of small plantations. Build Kiawah Island house must as strong as possible. Therefore, the contractor uses high stucco foundation. Indeed, the exterior design involves stucco.

Aside to prop that house, it is for extraordinary above ground swimming pool. After you insert to the interior room, find it in the center of gable building. Since see this outdoor décor, you have to ready to meet unique displays. Shabby chic living room is in the left side of the pool. Obvious, it gets enchanting ocean view. In this small room, SBCH adds artificial tree display and catchy barn wall décor. Further, the condition of the kitchen is contemporary.

Besides black and white, this room adds pine table centerpiece. Further, dining area uses similar table décor such as the living room. By the way, it sets behind that kitchen. Maybe, you don’t pay attention to the stairwell décor when you go up stair. There is large golden snail on the wall. Certainly, it is not real because it is super big. Evidently, animal patterned displays can be found in bedroom and bathroom. Yeah, that house is both unique outside and inside.

Super Creative Mind Visualizing in Shocking Kiawah Island House

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