Singapore is renowned country in South East Asia. There is no people don’t know about this small country. Indeed, Singapore always offers a wide range of entertainment and extravagant style. Recently, HYLA Architects successes complete a semi-detached house. This home designer finishes it since September 2014. Formerly, that living is converted to a bungalow. Tropical climate even it is near the equator line makes HYLA adds something to soothing.

All sorts of plantations grow in front house. It blends to the sophisticated gate and faces off the enchanting wooden wall.  By the way, that wooden wall is the second gate to cover the freshness of lap pool and enthralling exterior staircase. In fact, that pool creates a private courtyard space. Go deeper as walked pool. Contemporary social area with tranquil and fresh vibe hides behind that staircase. Superb glass door separates the excellent charcoal pool deck and the pretty laminate floor.

Three areas adorn this straight interior room. Lofty living area and superb open kitchen flank the delightful dining space. Shiny yellow lighting decorates the kitchen inside of the pantry cabinet with glass door. Besides that, that open space adds cutting edge wine cellar and pretentious black bar.  Well, go back to your façade house. Then, pass it into the kid’s room and bathroom. Feel the warmth during your trip in which the designer applies glass and wood.

Captivating kid’s room is stylish with the combination of feminine colors. Besides that, it has futuristic white wall storage. Surely, it adds cool home office with structural bookcase and it has pond with rainforest tree. Further, likeable master bedroom adds fantastic spiral staircase. This stair leads to the second floor. However, the most attractive feature of the room is about the window treatment. In addition, spectacular hidden bathroom also shows the luxury vibe.  The conclusion is wonderful. Of course, it is not difficult or objection to fly there.

Tempting Tender from Singapore with Stylish Semi-detached House

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